Market research is a vital ingredient in any business success recipe which involves collecting data and crunching numbers. Sound a bit boring? It doesn’t have to be. We support innovation and love a challenge. Things can be done differently and we live by that.

With a team of talented researchers with decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. For that reason, if we are involved, it works and it works well.

When it comes to research work, we really know our stuff.

Custom Research

Custom Research

We have extensive experience in conducting complex, in-depth market research studies combining quantitative and qualitative techniques.




Neuromarketing is an incredibly effective research method. We acquire and provide detailed reports from insight directly from the nervous system.




Whether the projects are short & intensive or longer term & relatively passive, we design projects with a view to developing insight, engagement and merrymaking!


Ad Effectiveness

Ad Effectiveness

Measuring the impact of an online advert is critical in determining whether or not the campaign has been successful. We can report pre, during and post.

Sample Provision

Sample Provision

Our network of partnerships consists of a large number of qualitative recruiters to offer our clients a better price than if they went direct.



A panel can comprise of anyone – customers, employees or a representation of your market.  Ultimately a panel can save you money on projects or increase engagement with your brand.

What Makes Us Special


We're great people

We definitely wouldn’t say we are corporate.  Neither are our heads in the clouds.  We enjoy working with clients and enjoy the work we do.



We're dedicated

We won’t stop or change pace until the job is completed.  Often the story doesn’t end there and we are always on hand for our clients or partners.



We're diligent

Quality sits at the top of our agenda.  Not just in the deliverables but also through planning, design and client management.  However we won’t pick on clients who don’t have the same focus as we do.


We're caring

We are not a machine churning out pieces of work.  We support and help clients through challenging situations.



We're talented

Whilst our core staff are exceptional in many areas, we have developed an expert network who are specialists in their field.



We're intelligent

We are continuously learning, navigating the world and all that it encompasses.  We have all gained essential skills through our working lives.  By combining our commercial acumen, continuous learning and applying the odd bit of common sense we haven’t failed a client yet.

  • “The team at Create Convo offer us excellent advice and guidance on the set up and build of online communities. Their continued support and help with moderation is excellent. They are a pleasure to work with.”

    Paul Seabrook, Managing Director, Beautiful Insights

  • “Create Convo's video engagement platform is an excellent tool that has given us some invaluable insight into the Woking Food and Drink Festival; the applications for this are huge. If you’re planning an event or looking for a fresh way of handling surveys I recommend you speak with Create Convo”.

    Sam Marshall, Lead Economic Development Manager, Woking Borough Council

  • "Create Convo have been great to work with - very attentive and full of good, practical ideas.  Refreshing.”

    Steven Dodds, Agency Head, Harvest Fundraising and Development

  • “We wanted to know more about our audience and have formed a partnership with Create Convo to achieve this.  For the national burger day in 2014 Create Convo developed a survey for us which collected key demographic data but also created the ultimate burger among our audience within the survey to make it a little bit more fun and give us some follow up content.  We look forward to doing more with the team in the future.”

    Nick Andrews, Hamburger Me!

  • “Create Convo are an exceptional team who were given an extremely tight brief by us to conduct some face to face interviews to support a website refresh project.  They developed customer personas and conducted a website usability test on the current site and its competitors within the given time frame and delivered project with good recommendations for us and the client.  We look forward to working more with the team in the future and trying out some of their more innovative approaches.”

    Chris Williams, Client Account Director, Lab